Friday, June 4, 2010

Follow Up Post: Dear Spammers

So, chances are the majority of the Chinese spam comments I'm getting are from some automated script OR maybe even just mindless blog spammers who can't even read English. Either way, no one has stepped up yet and submitted a legitimate blog post, even after I agreed to FREELY link out if they did so (See my original blog: Dear Spammers). *sigh*

Don't worry, I'm aware that probably no one is reading this in the first place, so I'm not completely oblivious to the fact that the real reason no one has submitted a legitimate post is more likely because NO ONE is reading my blog....  but still.... I had an idea.

Today I created a new blog called: Comment Love

So, dear Spammers, if you are reading this, please feel free to Blog Spam away.... Just click here:
Bring on the Comment Spam!

As for the rest of you, you might find this little experiment interesting. Why not help me out by leaving a totally mindless comment (on my Comment Love blog) with a link back to yourself.... you might even get a good link out of it! :-)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

SEO Definition of the Day: URL Canonicalization

Question: What is URL canonicalization or a canonical URL?

Answer: Canonicalization is the strange word Google uses to describe the process of picking the best URL when they see more than one choice (example below). According to Matt Cutts it usually refers to the URL choices of the home page. For example, although a lot of people would consider these the same URL`s:


…they are all technically different URL`s (intended to all point to the HP). Because they are unique, a web server can return different content, images, etc for all the URL`s above. When Google "canonicalizes" a URL, they go through the process of picking one URL, generally the one that makes the most sense for the site.

To help Google pick the one you want, decide on the best suited URL for internal linking and use that format consistently throughout the site. Beyond consistency in the internal linking structure, you should also do a permanent 301 redirect from any other formats to the desired URL. Doing this helps Google better understand which URL you prefer to be canonical.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dear Spammers

I understand you are spamming my blog for the link juice... I would LOVE to publish your comments, but they are spammy as all hell and I just can`t bring myself to do it. So, I have an idea:

If any of you have something REAL to say on the subjects of:

Online Marketing
SEO (Search  Engine Optimization)
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
Social Media
Link Building
PPC (Pay Per Click)
LPO (Landing Page Optimization)
Web Design

or anything else you think would be useful to readers of this blog.... send it to:

Let me know that you would like me to publish your comments as a guest blogger and what KW`s you`d like me to link out to and where. If what you send is worth publishing, I`d be happy to link to you!

P.S. This goes for anyone reading this - not just the spammers :-)

Come on writers, show me what ya got ;-)