Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It`s Time for Social Media!

A lot of my clients want additional exposure, but don`t want to spend the extra money, or don`t have the budget at this time. A great way to increase your visibility for FREE is to create social media profiles that link back to you. You should have these anyways, as it`s always a great idea to saturate your brand any way you can on the web.

First, get yourself a blog (more on that later) and drop links to yourself here and there. Just don`t overdo it.

Next, make a profile that links back to your site on as many of these Social Media sites as you can (some are for niche industries or groups):

Social Bookmarking Sites

Content Rating

Social Networking Sites

Video Networking Sites

Miscellaneous Social Sites

Wiki Sites

Job Sites

Organization Sites

Tagging Sites

Photo Sites

Music Sites

Political Sites

Shopping Sites

Program Sites

Feeds Sites

Maps Sites

For a more extensive list, go to good ol Wikipedia:

Expect direct clicks, increased brand awareness, natural links and a group of friends and followers!

If you aren`t on these sites, you`re already behind the times :-)

Hey, if you need help, give me a call, I`ll do it for you for a small fee:
480-668-6139 ex 218

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