Thursday, January 28, 2010

Top Video Sites for Businesses

If you have a video, what are you doing with it??

Get yourself into as many of the top 50 video sites as you can:

According to:

Here`s a few you should check out:
Video Sharing Site Page Rank
Google Video 9
BrightCove 8
PhotoBucket 8
YouTube 8
DailyMotion 7
iFilm 7
Myspace 7
Vimeo 7
BuzzNet 6
Flixya 6
GoFish 6
Kwego 6
Lulu 6
MyHeavy 6
PutFile 6
StupidVideos 6
Vmix 6
ZippyVideos 6
CastPost 5
Dotv 5
Famster 5
MeraVideo 5
Porkolt 5
VideoWebTown 5
Vidmax 4

I personally recommend:

Google Video
Yahoo Video
MSN Video
MySpace Videos
AOL Media
Daily Motion

Do yourself a favor and think about your Title, Description and Tags. Each one is an opportunity to not only capture an audience, but drop keywords and links! Simply write about your favorite keywords, the ones you want to come up in Google for! This is a free and easy way to optimize your videos and ensure that you get the kind of traffic that converts! Always include a call to action....

Promote! Yes, you can build links to a video! Yes you can get your friends and family to comment, review, view, subscribe! I`m just sayin...

The more activity on your video, the more of an authority it becomes to Google.

In a Nutshell:

My Business SEO tip of the day:

Get a video, submit it to every video site you can, optimize it and help make it popular! Think about your audience and base your video from that!


tatiana_qkd said...

Thank you so much for a very useful blog! You know what im going to start doing.....CREATING VIDEOS!!!! Thanks to your fabulous information i think i will be quite successful at it! :)

LeD'z said...

when talking about vids..i think on top is youtube...
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