Saturday, January 2, 2010

SEO 101:

  • Pick your keywords (if you don`t know how to do this, hire a pro - trust me, it`s worth it).
  • Make your top keyword your first Title Tag, Meta tags, Content and even your URL where possible.
  • Make your site ALL ABOUT your keywords - this is all Google knows about you.
  • Content is KING! Write, write, write!
  • Don`t over stuff.... that is so 1990... now only spammers do that!
  • Update your site frequently. If your site becomes stagnate, what reason do you give Google - or your readers/customers - to keep coming back? GIVE THEM A REASON AND THEY WILL!
  • Focus on what sets you part from your competition! Why should I buy from you instead of the other 1 billion results Google, Yahoo and Bing returned?
  • Consider descriptions your 2 sec. opportunity to catch your next client... Quick, you have 2 sec. what makes you so special? (Price, timely deliver, 100% money back guarantee, custom solutions, specialized counseling, insider info, legitimacy - think BBB, certifications, etc.)
Now, take a look at your site. Make sure your site set up to please your client first, the search engine second!

Now, go get some links! You need lots of links, from different places. You need relevant links, quality, volume, variety.. but you need links! If you have a site and it`s not ranking, it`s because your competition has more links than you! It`s really is simple as that!

Nutshell: GOOGLE want 2 things: Content and (you guessed it) LINKS!

P.S. If you have no idea what I`m talking about - hire a professional! Be good at your business, let us be good at ours :-)

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