Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SEO Tip of the Day

Okay, okay.... I`m terrible about updating my poor, neglected SEO blog, I know.... several people are wondering why it`s been so long. To be honest, I changed jobs, I`m a single mom, working from home and I spend all my free time on Social Media sites :-)

I started writing a Twitter Tips blog, which I will publish soon, but until then, here`s a fun little Google tip:

When trying to determine the level of difficulty for a new keyword, there are a few fun tricks in Google.

In a Google search, type in:

allintitle:"your keyword here"

Notice the words "all" "in" and "title" include NO spaces
Always use a : at the end
Put your keyword in "quotes" for exact data
Never put a space between the : and the keyword

Your results will reflect the amount of sites competing for the same keyword in their title tag.

I think this is one of the most accurate ways to determine how many sites are actually competing for that term. Of course if you are looking up a large amount of keywords, it`s best to use a tool that will allow you to plug in multiple keywords at the same time, but if you`re looking for a quick number, this is a great trick.

You can also use the same technique for anchor text competition:

allinanchor:"your keyword here"

So, there you have it! Have fun Googlers :-)

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