Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How Google Instant Is Changing Search

I just found myself waiting for the Google Instant to show up in my search results before typing because I knew it was coming. Do you use Google for your search queries (AKA looking for an address, a map, a website with quick information?) What are you searching for? Is Google using emotional response from humans in order to create an algorithm that is ultimately adjusted based off of human response?

Today I wanted to look up the top Fortune 100 and the top Fortune 500 companies. Doing some research and curious to see who these guys are and what they are doing.
I was going to search for “Top Fortune 500 vs 100 companies” but instead of searching for that key phrase and clicking on that first result, I waited for Google Instant to tell me what I should choose from. I didn’t even attempt to keep typing, I actually waited to see the results before I typed in exactly what I was thinking… Are we now allowing Google to narrow our natural selection to a “more suitable” selection? If so, based off of what criteria? Are we so common, so similar, that instead of an unlimited amount of things I could be searching for when typing “Top Fortune…” I am now given 10 choices to choose from and that’s sufficient for my search?

I was served the following options from Google Instant:

top fortune 500 companies
top fortune 100 companies
top fortune 500
top fortune 500 companies to work for
top fortune 500 companies list
top fortune 500 top fortune cities
top fortune cookie quotes
top fortune 500 companies in florida
top fortune 510 list
top fortune 50 companies

I chose “top fortune 500 companies” – now remember, I was going to search for “Top Fortune 500 vs 100 companies” which was not even on the “list”.

Are the 10 above that Google offered up the best search queries or top search terms when a human types in “top fortune” according to their data. Hrm. Do you think this dramatically changes search? We do.

Does the search volume of the “keywords” you are targeting reflect what people USED to be searching for, or what they are NOW because of what Google is serving up? When is the last time you checked?

For $200.00 we (Eminent SEO) can do a keyword discovery and research project for your website to determine the overall keyword strategy and make sure your approach matches the changes Google’s algorithm and the implementation of Google Instant reflect in the natural results.

Are you targeting the “right keywords”?
Who is your audience?
When is the last time you checked?
Could you use a fresh perspective?
Does your website need a health check?

Find out now, your $200.00 could MAKE you thousands. 

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