Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cool Tool of the Day: Mass Google PR Checker

I love free SEO tools... I`ve been using this one for a while now, and it`s very helpful. Funny story, I walked by someone in the office and overheard them mention it was such a pain, checking large amounts of PR (Google`s Page Rank) manually... needless to say they were thrilled when I sent them this tool:

Bulk PR Checker

The only thing I don`t like about it is they results aren`t exportable and don`t copy and paste very well. So, if anyone has a similar tool that also has an exprt feature, please do share!


Sunil Gupta said...

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Your Web Chick :) said...

I prefer to use the firefox plugins available that just give you the pr any time you are browsing the site. Rank Quest, SEOQuake are a couple.. if you aren't using firefox you should be! Way faster and more intuitive to use.

CertifiedEasy said...

Hi ,

I'm the owner of this "cool tool" as you mentioned.
I really value your constructive criticism. Now I have added the csv download feature . Thank you for your valuable review.


stev4n said...

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