Monday, December 22, 2008

SEO 101

Since a lot of my daily interactions with Customers and Employees involve what I would call "SEO 101", I thought, why not recognize the basics for the beginner on my blog. I think there is so much conflicting information out there when it comes to basic SEO, specifically links, that it becomes overwhelming and frustrating even for the "newbie". A lot of customers come in "tip toeing" and even defensive at times, because they have either been, A. burned before or B. are confused and therefore reserved when it comes to budget projection. After years of seemingly endless amounts of reading, meetings, e-mails and of course client phone calls, I feel like I`ve literally "heard it all" when it comes to on-line marketing.
That said, I decided to make this blog all about YOU, the reader. I wish I had a blog like this to read when I was getting started! Not all that obviously biased, and sometimes even arrogant "insider knowledge". Instead, I`d like to share some simple, but effective link building and on-page advice.

So, here is my plan for the next few posts:

The Simple Make Up of a Ranking Site

Unique Content

Sometimes Less is More

Trust: The Search Engines have Feelings

Link Building, 101

Working with Google, the Careful but Effective Approach

If I Were a Search Engine

Conversions, a Consumers Perspective

Relevancy, Knowing your Target Audience

Common Misconceptions, Who Do You Believe

Encouraging the Spider

Monetizing Your Site, Real Options

More to come.....
What topic interests you the most? I`ll write on request.

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