Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What`s Up with the Yahoo Site Explorer ??

Around here we like to use Yahoo Site Explorer to check indexed pages and backlinks. For those of you who may not be familiar with the command, you simply go to and type in:


This will ask Yahoo to tell you how many links you have indexed with them. You can use the same command in Google, but in my experience, they tend to only show 10-15% of a sites backlinks (Google is sneaky) whereas Yahoo tends to show 80-90%. HOWEVER, today I just read a post here on SEO Roundtable:
Which is always legit. They are saying that DigitalPoint Forums is reporting on a major update in Yahoo and that many websites are experiencing huge drops in link numbers. They aren`t sure if it`s a glitch, or if Yahoo has tweaked their algorithm and the huge drops in backlinks may be attributed to the algo change. Either way, this is not good for me. I often refer to Yahoo as being the better search engine for checking backlinks... if they don`t want to show us everything and Google doesn`t either, we`re going to be guessing a lot more. Oh well, as long as my clients still see good rankings, we`re all happy...

What do you think?

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