Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Online “Laugh” Marketing through Link Bait

Creating INFECTIOUS Results!

Question: How do you get good, relevant sites to WANT to link to you?

Have you ever received an e-mail with a funny movie clip, joke or picture? Remember that dancing baby that was sent around to millions? It was laughter that made that e-mail circulate around the web. The second you laugh out loud you begin thinking of someone to pass that e-mail along to: friends, family, co-workers…

Why not use this same technique when considering a link bait campaign?

What is Link Bait?

Link Bait is, more or less, anything you create anywhere on the Web that inspires other people to link to it. They can link to it via a Web page, a blog, social bookmarking, tagging, e-zine, newsletter, IM, e-mail or any other method that tells others about the bait.

Link Bait can be done in a variety ways:
News, contrary, attack, resource, fear and… humor!

Humor is universal. Using humor brings in readers from all over, and, when done properly, doesn`t risk offending your audience or alienating your site.

When it comes to your site, you can use humor to entice your audience, which, like many of us, have grown tired of the daily routine and are happy to stumble upon something humorous. Start posting something funny, you’ll then find your users coming back more often to see what innovative, funny or wacky things they`ll find.

Link Bait through outside sources, consider:
Articles, Press Releases, Pre-sell Pages

When preparing content that is intended to be syndicated, the focus should always be on compelling, newsworthy content. What is going to make the user not only enjoy reading the article, but love it so much they`d like to pick it up and put in on their own site?


The most successful content based release is the one that connects with the reader. How better to connect then through humor?

Still, online marketing through humor can be tricky. It`s like watching a comedian that makes you laugh like crazy, but not being able to remember the jokes to tell to a friend the next day. You may have a great idea, but if you can`t effectively convey that message, it counts as a total loss.

Now what?

First, you need a professional writer, equipped to write a hook that will set the humorous tone you are going for. Second, you need a link bait expert who understands SEO and who can deliver on their promises.

That`s where we come in. With over 5 years of on-line marketing experience and thousands of happy clients, we feel confidant we can deliver content that will get the laughter flowing. Your humor based content will kick off the syndication. All you have to do is sit back and watch the traffic pour in!

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